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F-H: Round 2...

Wee-haaaa... just got back from training G... I was going to stick around and do my own circuit, but the gym got too crowded for my taste. I'll go back in a couple of hours.

Today's the big Round 2 with F-H at 2:00. I'm so excited! I'm meeting with three people.

Conveniently enough I have HW from 5 to 10, so all I'll have to do is pretty much just cross the street when I'm done. Location location location!

Yesterday evening I was psyched... C and G totally spoiled me with an amazing dinner. The more I see those two, the more I realize how lucky I am to have such great people in my life. They're both so caring and just all-around genuinely nice. I'm so glad they found each other, they're a perfect fit.

Last night was the first night in a while that I got a ton of sleep. I was supposed to see M, but his dinner with a bunch of people ran pretty late.

I was dozing slightly when my friend Katey called. I was bummed when she told me that she was in the hospital. She's been having some trouble lately and I guess there was a big blow out between her and her Mom. That, in turn, put her over the edge and now she has to stay at a treatment center. But I'm glad to know she's safe and okay. I worry about her...

After we hung up I started dozing again when *she* called. I love the sound of her voice. You can hear her smiling on the other end.

We chatted a little bit, then after we hung up I fell asleep for the night. I guess since her's was the last voice I heard, it carried into my unconscious state, resulting in the nicest dream.

Anyway, 'nuff blabbering. Time for breakfast, then I return to the gym. Blah. I'm not in the mood.

Okay... countdown to F-H... 5.5 hours... keep your fingers crossed...!
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