Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

**Shaking my head...**

You know, really, can't my life just proceed normally without some kind of unnecessary headache-inducing excitement creeping in?

I'm eating a yummy wrap while watching one of those ridiculous TV court shows when someone knocks at my door. It's the mailman. I was receiving a Certified Letter.

The return address is from some attorney. I'm like, okay, I haven't done anything lately that would cause people to sue me. So I open it up. It's my former employer trying to get me to pay them $1246. They claim they've overcompensated me because I took vacation days when I wasn't allowed to. Um, hello, my boss told me I could work from home on those days.

So this letter says I have 10 days to pay them in full. Big fat W H A T E V E R !!

I sent them this e-mail in reply:


I received the certified letter from your attorney in regards to overcompensation. The days you are claiming I owe Expo for are days Robert allowed me to work from home. I was not absent on those days and, in fact, performing my job. I will not be sending Expo International any money because I never took any vacation days.

If you have further questions, please feel free to call.



I copied my Dad on it, too. You know, I swear, I just want one day to go by without some kind of made-for-soap-opera drama popping up...
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