Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

And it continues...

From: ladan mohammed <>
>To: Dana Munich <>
>Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 02:55:13 -0700 (PDT)
>Dear Dana,
>Are you ready to do this transactions with or not?.
>And how many years are you? Tell me to know before we
>go further.

Dana replies:

Hello Sodomy,

I'm ready to do this transaction with you or not, but I do not see your picture. Please send so I can pray with it. Do not worry, I will not tell Mr. McDonald. He is an angry man with wild red hair, red lips and a white face. I am also scared of him because he has yellow hands and never changes his clothes. Ever. But children seem to love him.

How many years am I what? old? Or how many years have I been a french-- OOPS! FREEDOM! freedom fry maker? I'll tell you both because I just feel deep into my heart that I can trust you a little bit. I will trust you all the way when I see your picture. Do you have any pet animals? I keep a llama in my basement. Her name is Britney.

I am 41 years old and I've been with McDonald's for 19 years. Do you know when I started I was the toilet washer? I was promoted twice. The first was to dress up in the big purple Grimace costume. Now I can tell you that it is HOT in that thing! And all these damn kids would come all up in my face, all jumping on me like I'm a human set of monkey bars. But by then I was making $4.50, so I couldn't say nuthin. They were paying me the big $$!

Anyway, I await your picture.

All my blessings and peace,

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