Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

All-Torture Saturday

*Cue Psycho violin music*


I'm trying to edit a PR proposal (yeah, yeah... I know) and I thought having "I Love the 80's" on in the background would be fun. About 20 minutes into it, the TV went silent. I turned and found the TV stuck on the following frame:


Then later on I opened the window so the munchkins could enjoy the sun and whatever...

... and all was lovely.

Until I heard the nerve-grating sounds of a tortured, dying cat. (aka- BAGPIPES) I hear them every so often, but this was something new... it was LOUDER THAN EVER! So I looked outside:

Wow. I thought they were obnoxious and annoying before... but that was before I was subjected to the outdoors, directly across the steet version! So I turned on my stereo with LOUD, earth-jumping, bass-pumping techno/trance and within 5 minutes the dying cat sounds miraculously stopped. Guess it's hard to focus and play Amazing Grace with Club Erk in full swing across the street.

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