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60%, eh...?

According to The Spark, I'm 60% gay, while the typical lesbian is only 44% gay.

Based on the 10,738 submissions before mine:

People less gay than me: (35%)
People just as gay as me: (3%)
People gayer than me: (60%)

Interesting overall results of the test:

The world-wide gayness average is 35%.
11% of all test takers describe themselves as gay.
26 is the gayest age.
Women average 32% gay.
Men average 38%.

More Stats from the GayTest

Among Females:

11% are gay.
Less than 1% of whom are in the closet.
26% have made out with another woman.
21% have had sex with another woman
13% of straight girls wish they were bi.
23% of straight girls have wanted to kiss a friend.
73% of lesbians have been attracted to a man.
54% of lesbians have slept with a man.
28% of straight women have claimed to be a lesbian in order to ditch a guy.
Tomboys are MORE likely to be good in bed.
Feminists are LESS likely to have big boobs.
Panties are the most popular undies.
And a woman's most erogenous zones are her groin, nipples, and neck, in that order.

Among Males:

11% are gay.
Less than 1% of whom are in the closet.
77% of gay men have kissed a girl.
18% of straights have kissed a guy.
36% are too hairy.
35% of straight men have copped a man-feel while playing sports.
25% of whom fumbled.
18% of gay men have belonged to a frat.
10% of straight men would turn gay in jail.
The average gay male has a sex drive of 8.1
The average straight male has a sex drive of 7.8
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