Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Off Balance

I completed ice hockey practice number 3 last night. It was a little frustrating because even though I practiced skating, having all of my gear on and a stick in my hands threw me off balance a bit. I still was able to stop and turn on my edges, but I was very wobbly.

The arena does offer public stick practice, so I'll try to give that a shot this week.

We did a lot of backwards drills which, of course, is not my forte. I managed to get through it, but I was definitely feeling a bit down on myself. I know I won't improve unless I keep trying, so there's no giving up for me. I'll just have to grit my teeth and keep going.

Tina was able to come along and so she took a couple of pictures:

So all in all, I'm making significant progress. And tonight starts Tina's summer season, so I'll have fun watching her team kick ass. That's always a huge motivator for me! (Plus Tina looks so hot when she plays...)
Tags: ice hockey
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