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They say you'll never forget your first kiss...

Or I guess I'm not allowed to forget mine.

The Dyke March was interesting. I went with a friend of mine who's also a Personal Trainer at HW. We were hanging around, bored because nothing was happening yet. So we decided to play a game to pass the time.

The first was, "Who can spot a member of our gym first."

Well, I won that within 5 minutes because *she* had arrived and said hello.

Next game: "Who can spot an ex or someone you dated for a significant amount of time first?"

I start looking around and suddenly I see the back of a Northeastern Women's Crew shirt. I was not only struck by it because I had been on the team, but I also noticed it was an OLD one. From when I was a freshman in '95.

I started to say to my friend, "Wow! That girl's wearing an old-skool crew shirt! I used to have one like it, but I gave it to--"

Then I saw the girl's face as she started to turn to talk to someone. Ack! The owner was the person I had given the shirt to in 1996: the first girl I ever kissed and dated.

Yipes! I hadn't seen this girl since '96 when she moved to Chicago and I broke things off with her. I was 19 and she was 23. She weirded me out by talking about "us in 10 years..."

I was like, "Whoa, lady... I'm still figuring out whether I'm bi or a lesbian..."

So we never spoke again after that. And I didn't even know she was back in the area. But I really wasn't interested in "hashing the old days" with her. Especially not there.

My friend and I went over to where *she* was standing with her friends. Then the march began. It was cute. And it was also apparently the largest one ever. I was amused as we walked passed dumbfounded people who were on the sidewalks.

Little chants were shouted from time to time such as, "Hi-ho... Homophobia's got to go..." and "We're here, we're queer, we're fabulous, get used to it..."

I had just finished laughing at two dykes that started making out to horrify people eating dinner at an outdoor cafe, when "first kiss" found me. My heart sunk. "Hey, Liz...!"

We hugged and stuff. I guess it was okay to see her. We don't really have a lot in common. We never really did. She wanted to exchange numbers, so I did. But she was kinda flirty... I hope she doesn't get the wrong idea. Ugh. I don't mind being friends, but I have enough going on in my life without more drama to add to the mix.

There was a club night after the march and then a party. But I decided I was too exhausted to go. So I drove my friend home and then came here. I'm glad I did. I have a big day tomorrow: my workout, training my friend G, then the parade, dance, dinner, then another club. Tonight was definitely a "stay in and veg night."

Okay... off I go to rot in front of the TV with some kind of dessert...

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