Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Close your eyes...

Gah, it's been eons since I've touched this thing... so much has changed! I've been pretty busy, so the last thing I get to really think about is updating my journal.

Anyway, today is one of those days where I need no reminder as to why I invest so much in my home. Yeah, the rent is high, but you know what? I can't remember the last time I lived somewhere in the past 7 years where I could walk out my front door, cross the street, swing on some swings (well-grounded ones, so I could go really high), walk back and flop onto my little lawn and eat lunch under a tree.

Another thing... my life has changed so drastically over the past few months, it's been amazing. Still no full-time job, but I've worked a couple freelance ones, plus the Fitness stuff at HW. It's given me a chance to stay afloat financially and take some badly needed "me time" because I can make my own schedule.

I've formed some really strong friendships and that has meant a great deal to me. And, to top it off, one friend I've been getting to know better and better moved nearby with her boyfriend. I couldn't be more ecstatic. She hooked me up with a freelance job at her co. and it may turn into full time.

This morning was awesome, I took her to HW for her first Personal Training session. (To return the favor of her being so great in helping me out, I'm giving her 10 free PT sessions) She's new to strength training, but catches on quickly, so we had a blast... I bet she'll be feeling it tomorrow...!

Anyway, all's well, I've been doing a lot of biking and strength training. I'm very psyched that Spring's here. The Winter was beginning to bum me out.

I shall return later... time to get outside while the weather's decent...

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