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That's the word to describe the way I'm feeling Post-Pride. Can I just say NOTHING WENT THE WAY I THOUGHT IT WOULD?!?!?!?

To sum it all up, let's just say I woke up in the last place I thought I would.

Let me rewind...

I met up with a bunch of friends at the Pride Parade. The parade was pretty lame, nothing new. But it's always cute to see how spirited people get. And I had such a great time with my friends, most of whom I hadn't seen in a long time. And I even met a few new people.

After the parade was over, we walked to the Commons to enjoy the festivities. Some bands and what not. No big deal.

But I got a good laugh as I was walking along and my friend suddenly said, "I think one of the parade's floats went off course... oh, no, wait it's --'s big ass...!" I gotta love my friends. They're always watching out for me. And they never cease to amaze me.

We got to the Commons and I found *her*. We walked all around, then a bunch of us went to this women's block party. It was AWESOME! I got a bit buzzed and danced my ass off. And I ran into a friend I haven't seen in ages, but we've known each other since we were freshmen in college. (whoa... way back in '94) Once we found each other, it was as if no time had passed at all. So that was awesome.

After the block party we trudged home. Here's where the evening gets good...

I got dressed and met up with my friends who I'd seen at the parade earlier. I was the last to arrive, so everyone was pretty buzzed except me. So I had a beer, then we went out to a Mardi Gras themed women's dance.

Er, okay, so we tried to go... some of us didn't quite make it. Two of my friends (this cute couple) were so drunk they had to get off the train and go home when we were halfway there. That was a huge bummer. But the rest of us trekked onward...!

So it was down to me, this girl Jeanette that I'd never met before (but can we say hottie?!), Kris, Amina, and Kylah. We got to the club and hit the dance floor. Within a couple minutes I felt someone put their arms around my waist. I turned and it was *her*.

I mostly hung out with *her* and her friends. What an awesome bunch of people! We had such a great time... danced the entire night. Slowly my friends began to trickle off... Jeanette, Kylah, then Kris and Amina. I stayed till it ended.

But here's the dilemma: I was pretty sober by the time the night ended. But my car was in Brookline at M's place, way far away from where we were. Everyone was heading to a completely different location. Damn. It was going to be an expensive-ass cab ride!

So *she*, one of her friends, and I walked to where the cabs were. She has two cats and I'm deathly allergic, but she said, "I have allergy medicine if you want to come crash with me. I'd hate for you to have to go all the way to Brookline by yourself. I'll drive you to your car in the morning."

I accepted the invite, thinking that was very nice of her. We get to her place, I took a Tavist D and then he loaned me shorts and a T-shirt. I figured I'd sleep on her couch, but she said, "do you want the inside or outside of the bed?"

I was shocked, I'm mean we've never even really kissed, so now we're going to share a bed? So I said I had no preference and ended up on the inside. And we didn't get up until almost noon.

Her cats adored me. It was weird, I only experienced a teeny bit of chest-tightening. So I decided to be brave. I petted a cat for the first time in my life! (yeah yeah... laugh. But I'll tell you, my breathing passage nearly closes whenever I'm within 10 feet of a cat)

I've never wished I wasn't allergic to cats so hard in my entire life. I was so at peace when I woke up. *Her* cat, Lulu, was stretched out on my stomach, purring softly as I gently caressed her under her neck. *She* was snuggled up against me with her head on my shoulder. And *she* has a skylight, so the sun was streaming down next to the bed, a gentle breeze from an open side window ruffled the curtains and caused *her* hair to move slightly, brushing my cheek.

Finally we dragged ourselves out of bed and she drove me to my car. I then drove myself home and here I sit. Boy, I'm so exhausted. I'm still in shock though. I never expected things to go the way they did. I think I desperately need a nap!

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