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ABS-solutely fABulous...

Geez... it's been 2 and a half days since I did my workout with Mia, this kick-ass trainer here at HW. I can't believe that my abs STILL hurt!

I didn't want to admit it to her, but then she came up to me a little while ago and said, "Yo, ERK! My abs are still killing me...!" Hee hee... so I admitted the same.

I'm psyched because we're going to do another workout together tomorrow a.m.

So... la interview... it was interesting. I met with 2 women and this guy. The women were great, but the guy made me feel kinda... I dunno... dumb. But I did the best I could and I was happy with everything overall.

The cool thing was that I met with two very senior people and I had touched upon experiences they'd both never had. For example, neither had ever heard of a JP Davis event. (That's a press-only dinner sponsored by the big publication company JP Davis. These are held in conjunction with major trade shows like COMDEX and Internet World. Vendors buy table space at these events and, in turn, get face time with reporters that they might not ordinarily get on the crowded trade show floor.)

It was a pretty big deal that I had attended several of these types of events in my young career. So I discussed the value of investing in press-specific dinners, as well as tips to making a client's trade show presence successful.

So I'll follow up with F-H tomorrow. Here's hoping...!

Boy, despite getting a lot of sleep last night and a 3 hour nap this afternoon, I'm STILL tired. I have no idea what's up with that. I don't feel sick or anything. Maybe my body's in shock that it was sleep deprived for so long, now it's hoping I'll hibernate somehow? Eh, who knows.

Anyway, T-Minus 90 minutes until my HW shift ends. Good because it's slow here, making my evening one big *yawn*.

And tomorrow I take a day trip with my long-time "partner in crime," Kris!!!! Can't WAIT!! Have no idea where we're going, she's picking the location. But it's been a while since we've hung out, so I don't care where go. : )
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