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Hope you don't mind, Kimi, but I had to put this in as a post. Considering that today I'm sick as a dog, which resulted in the entire loss of my voice and I'm feeling pretty down, this was the most encouraging, uplifting comment and you couldn't have said it at a better time. Thank you, it means a lot...

Kimi (yukimi) replied to your LiveJournal comment in which you said:

Well, actually, you're the newest addition to my Friends List, so if you go back, you'll se a LOT of Friends Only posts... they probably will fill in the gaps... if not, ask away...

"All I can say is it's remarkable how you don't let anything keep you down. :)" <---- Thanks... it's so not easy...

Their reply was:
Subject: Re: Happily ever after...
Yeah, but hell, this is going to sound corny. You are an inspirational woman Ms. Liz Erk. Not saying it's easy, but you sure make it seem like you'll always be the cork floating to the top. :)
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