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Well, I suppose due to recent events, I shouldn't be surprised about this:

Your Horoscope

This Week: 06/11/01 - 06/17/01


Monday is for talking and connecting, Sagittarius, whether you're looking for a deeper communion with your significant other or are unattached and seeking that special someone. If you've had a thought brewing in the back of your mind, now's the time to put it on the table. Reception will be positive.

From Tuesday through to Thursday, though, the going's not quite so easy. You're in a bit of a muddle and it spills over into your personal life. Be sure you don't indiscriminately place the blame for your confusion on the innocent, and explore opportunities to break out of your dissatisfaction with new shared experiences.

Give that solution a try on Friday and Saturday, whether you join together in a volunteer activity, a class, or some other endeavor. Both you and your relationship will be rejuvenated. Continue your focus on working together on Sunday.

And it's a good thing I had the interview yesterday...

Your Horoscope

This Week: 06/11/01 - 06/17/01


Be ready to engage any new people you encounter on Monday in the course of doing business, Sagittarius. The open exchange of information and ideas could yield rich new resources.

But you just can't seem to get moving from Tuesday through Thursday. You are at low ebb and feeling listless and absent-minded. Try to avoid any work involving physical dexterity.

Fortunately, Friday and Saturday bring a burst of energy and bonhomie. You get along well with coworkers and accomplish much on your current project. Your enthusiasm inspires others on your team to make their best efforts.

Last-minute detail work could loom on Sunday, but you have to get it done no matter what. You may get some help from your associates, but the responsibility rests squarely on your shoulders.

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