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It's a girl...!

Well, we have a new addition to the Erk Household... Born on (or close to) September 20, 2001, was little Cora Erk. Arriving today on December 1st, 2001, she's black and white, about half the size of Mia (read: *tiny*), and too cute for words!!

The moment I laid eyes on her I said to the woman, "I have a feeling she's the one..."

Sure enough, Mia paid a LOT of attention to her... hissed a few times, but all-in-all, I knew this was Mia's little sis. She actually looks like she could be Colby's real life sister, but, alas, Mia and I no longer see them, so... t'is just the three of us!!

Cora spent the first 20 minutes hiding under the stove, but was shooed out by Mia not too long later. Mia won't take hiding... I can hear her chasing poor little Cor Cor all over the living room.

Anyway, we're excited!! Lizzy... Mi Mi... and now, Cor Cor!

And, for those of you who know her, I loved Cora's name so much, I stole it! And this kitty really looks like a Cora, believe you, me!

I'll have pics up soon enough...!
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