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Num-Nums Inside the Couch...

Cora STILL won't come near me. She's discovered Mia's old favorite hiding spot inside the couch, but I knew that she's not anything like Mia-- Mia was found, like, a day after she was born, so she warmed up to people immediately. Cora's not going to come out from inside the couch just because I ask her nicely.

So, if Cora won't come to me, I'll go to her. I opened up the pull-out couch partway, allowing myself to see her. Mia was THRILLED! She's too big to shove herself underneathe the couch to get inside anymore. And all the lost toys we discovered under there!!!

Anyway, it was times for them to eat, but, of course, Cora wouldn't come out. So, I did what any overly empathetic (or pathetic, take your pick) Cat-Mommy would do: served the Num-Nums inside the couch.

Now, the way the couch is situated, the Num-Nums were on the floor, so this is good. I love my babies, but not enough to wreck my couch. Mia looked at me funny as I set the Num-Nums inside. Cora just stared. Then suddenly Mia leaped inside, began eating, then Cora followed suit. : )

Mia's a good big sister. I could hear them playing all morning.

Okay, off to get ready for work. Man, I *still* feel like crap and have no voice. I can't take it anymoooooooooooore!!!!!


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