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Liz Erk

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*koff* *koff*

Okay... new week, new beginning... Of course, it never fails... as soon as I get into my Fitness Groove, I get sick. It happens at least 2 times a year at my "peak performance." Oh well.

Today I'm *still* voiceless, BUT I feel good, so that's what counts... Cora won't come within more than 3 feet of me, but that's okay... at least I know she's not a permanant fixture inside the couch!

So, on Wednesday I have a meeting with the Coast Guard Reserves recruiter. I'm psyched! I decided I needed a second job to help out financially, but didn't want to take on more Fitness hours and certainly didn't want some lame part-time thing. I'll see what they have to say and take it from there...

Okay... I biked here from HW suburbia (cold cold cold) and am now off to go lift. Wee haaaaa. (sarcasm) I hate starting back after taking time off. I feel like a load. But I'll be running at the HW suburbia after I get done with my later client, so I'm looking forward to the quality "thinking time" I'll have to myself...
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