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"We are family..."

"I got all my kittens with me...!"

I had a 2.5 hour break in which I got to go home today, so I was psyched! I want to be able to spend as much time around Mia and Cora as possible. Last night Mia and I were going to bed and Mia, as usual, was nursing away on my shirt. Suddenly we heard the tiniest *thump*. Mia immediately stopped purring and popped her head up.

We both peered over the side of the bed. In the shadows of the dark room, we saw a little patch of white slowly entering the room... ahh! Little Cora!

Mia watched her a bit, as did I. Then Mia leaped off the bed and the two ran downstairs. Once again I slept alone. : ) I've missed Mia sleeping beside me these last couple nights, but it's so awesome to know she's taken such an interest in her new little sister.

Today while I was home, I opened the pull out couch and put a small dish of "num-nums" on the floor inside. Shortly after a little pair of white legs appeared, followed by another pair of black and white legs and body. I knew Cora would emerge from hiding for her num-nums!

Mia, of course, leaped right in beside her and the two of them feasted together. After they ate, I tied a little furry black mouse to a shoelace and started dangling it inside the couch. Both Mia and Cora played with it.

After I got tired of crouching, I went upstairs to lie down, Mia came with. After a while the phone rang and I got up to get it. As I started down the stairs, I found little Cora halfway up... she'd been creeping upstairs to peek in on me and Mia! Ha!

When I was through with the phone, I returned upstairs to find both Mia and Cora in the bathroom. Figuring I was going to seize this opportunity, I entered and closed the door behind me. Then I crouched onto the floor, making myself eye-level with both Mia and Cora. Cora peeked at me from behind the trash can.

"Hi," I whispered to Cora. Her little green eyes just blinked back at me.

I very slowly reached out towards Cora. At the same time, Mia trotted over and began patting Cora on the back. I gently picked up Cora. She didn't hiss or resist. I then sat on the floor and held her close, gently petting her. Within a couple minutes I felt her tense little body relax and smiled as she rested her chin on my hand that wasn't petting her.

Mia sat close and quietly watched. Every now and then Cora turned to look up at me. This was the first opportunity I had to really get a good look at her... and she's just absolutely precious!

After about 10 minutes I brought Cora to the bedroom and layed down on the bed with her. Mia ran downstairs. Both Cora and I could here her making her, "oo-ooo-ooooooo" noise and crashing into things. Sure enough, Cora decided to run off, too... she needed to be in on the action!


I love being a Mommy... even if it's just for cats... these two really are my children. Part of me can't help but really miss Colby and Lola... I had gotten to watch then grow and change over the last couple months, so I became quite attached.

But the important thing to me is that Mia's happy... she hasn't cried once since Saturday. : )

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