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Firstly, I'll begin right now with apologizing for all the "kitty posts." I am obsessed with my babies! : ) But on the flip side, I'm kind of relieved to not be posting anything sad (I still feel it, but the sting isn't quite what it was), psycho-drama related (family relations seem to be calming again. But I'm a tad disheartened by the "sweep it under the rug" attitude, like nothing was ever wrong...), etc.

Heh-- nothing's changed on the financial front, but I love my job, so I'll make my way...

Little Cora's definitely warmed to me and Mia. Now she follows us around, but stays her distance, at least 4 to 5 feet away. My favorite is how she peeks at us from the top step. At the very top of my stairs is the bathroom. I don't bother closing the door, so last night while I was flossing my teeth and Mia was batting the toilet water around, I happened to catch a little pair of eyes and little black ears peeking over the top step at me and Mia. As soon as I turned my head, they ducked down.

Agh!! It was the cutest thing ever! Then I turned back to brush my teeth, all the while peeking out of the corner of my eye. Slowly the ears and eyes came up again. This time Mia saw her. She hopped down from the toilet and crouched down.

Suddenly I heard a little growl from the stairs. Then "ffffffffft!" The chase began. For the next half hour the two of them terrorized each other up and down and all around the house. Laughing, I settled at the PC to IM with a few friends.

Growing tired and knowing I needed to be up at 5:00, I left my office and went to bed. Mia joined me and began her nightly purring-nursing ritual. I didn't see where Cora went. As I started to drift off, I shifted to my side, but apparently Cora had creeped into the bed and I scared the crap out of her... I suddenly heard the sound of scrambling sheets and then a thud as Cora landed on the floor.

Mia just raised her head and went back to bed. A short while later I peeked over the side of the bed. There was Cora, curled up on my floor pillow next to the bed, fast asleep. Awww!

But when I woke up this morning, neither cat was to be found... both went downstairs at some point during the night. Yay! I think we're turning into a little happy family... : )

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