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Working Toward a "Drama-Free Zone..."

Yesterday was pretty exciting, to say the least. Not exactly what I was looking for, but okay. I suppose it kept things interesting.

Let's see... where to begin... well, let's start with the beginning... I worked out with my friend, the trainer. Can we say "sooooore?!?" My chest, abs, and shoulders keep reminding me that they exist with every single movement. But I'm glad... it shows I worked hard. : )

I got home to discover that my instincts were correct regarding the guy who interviewed me. There was a huge miscommunication, so I had to basically run around trying to fix it. The jist of it was that I didn't quite get the wording of his questions. So I didn't answer to his satisfaction and it left him with the wrong impression of me.

But the good news is that the woman who is pushing for me to get in is still pushing. So she called me and told what she thought might help remedy the situation. I ended up writing the guy a whole long letter explaining myself.

I'm awaiting his response.

On a positive note, I received an e-mail from the co. that I was supposed to have a phone interview with. They're interested in hiring me to write high-tech press releases and I would get paid on a "per release" basis. The money they're offering per release is quite attractive. But they asked if I'd sign a non-compete, so I requested to have a copy sent to me and I would look it over. So we'll see.

Next I spent the afternoon with my awesome friend Kris. She totally spoiled me and bought me lunch and the "Charlie's Angels" movie on video!!!!!! Wheeee!

We watched "Castaway" when we hung out. I guess it was good, but I'll tell you, it was sloooow going.

After that I had a new PT client. So much fun! Very spirited fast learner. So I'll enjoy working with her.

Here's what topped off my day. A former PR client of mine who I used to work with when I was at my old agency was in town. He asked me if I'd like to hang out and have dinner. He's pretty cool, so I said sure.

Apparently he thought it was a date. He kissed me at the end. It wasn't a big deal, but it was more gentle than a peck. On kiss-attempt 2, I turned my face and gave him a hug.

Later in the evening I received an e-mail saying what a wonderful time he'd had and that I'm incredible, can't wait to see me again, etc. etc. Ack. So I wrote a response saying that I can only be friends.

He replied this a.m. and seemed to have taken it okay. Thank goodness. I have so much going on and I'm doing my darndest to keep unnecessary drama to a bare minimum. The last thing I need is another person to get involved with.

Ahhh... last night I talked to *her* for an hour and a half. We can just talk about anything. But by 12:30 a.m.we both agreed we needed sleep. But I'm training her today at lunch and then on Friday she's taking me to a play with her and her friends. I'm psyched, I love her friends! We all seemed to get along pretty well.


Okay, I'm hungry. I took a Spin Class this a.m and it kicked my ass.

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