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Last night I got home from HW and was EXHAUSTED... it wasn't that I had so many clients, it was that they were spread out all over the place, time-wise and location-wise. I had to go back and forth between both locations twice, and it's 20 min. each way. That resulted in my getting a collective 80 minutes of fast-paced biking in.

At one point I was *furious*. I was passing a van that was at a stop light on its right side. As soon as I started around him, he decided to be smart and zip around the guy in front of him, which meant he dragged the side of the van against me. I nearly got wedged between the van and a parked car, but not before I pounded my fist on the side of the van and caught my balance. (I HATE falling more than anything...)

He stopped and had the nerve to yell at me. Jerk. Then I realized that him getting his van all over my jacket ended up leaving me covered in dirt. Ugh.

Since this was leg 3 of my biking, I was quite tired. I only yelled "asshole." It was all I had energy for. I had gotten up at 5:00 a.m. and had to keep it up until 10:00 p.m. It was only 11:50 a.m., couldn't afford to waste my strength... : )

Anyway, that night I got home and found both cats sitting on the living room couch. Mia came running over to greet me, and Cora ducked behind the armrest.

I said hello to both, scooped up Mia, rubbed noses and went to the kitchen to put out their "num-nums."

Later on after I got dressed for bed, I went downstairs to turn the lights off. When I got into the living room, I saw little Cora on the couch. I decided to see if I could seize the moment..

I picked up the furry white mouse toy and slowly walked toward the couch. Then I very gingerly sat down, Cora backed up. Then I held the mouse out to her. She batted at it with her paws, but then leaned out to sniff my hand. When she did this, I placed the mouse in front of her and ever so carefully put my hand on her head. Very gently I started caressing her behind her ears, neck, and under her chin.

To my amazement, she started rubbing her head against my hand. Then she started to let out the SWEETEST, quietest purr I have ever heard in my entire life. Even when Mia was that small she wasn't that quiet. (Of course, Mia's a tad odd with purring... she doesn't really purr, except when she's doing her nursing thing. But that's it. Even if I pet her and she gets into it, she still is silent.)

It was just so sweet... then Mia came down to the living room to see what we were doing and joined us on the couch. I carefully picked up Cora and held her close, still petting her. She buried her face in my neck! I couldn't believe it.

So there I sat, petting my two babies. : ) But then I needed to get up for bed. I didn't want to ruin the moment... but I desperately needed to get to sleep.

I attempted to stand up while holding Cora. That did not go over well, she freaked out and dug her little nails into my shoulder, then tried to climb up, over, and down my back. Ow! Ow! Ow! So now my right shoulder and part of my back is full of little holes.

Heh, and, of course she ran and hid inside the couch. : )

But I think before long she'll be purring putty in my hands... standing or sitting...!

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