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Another bonding moment with little Cora... I'm willing to bet that within two weeks she won't be into hiding nearly as much as she is now... but I'm starting to pick up on a cute little trait she has...

She tends to hide during the day... I don't know if she's napping inside the couch or what, but when I wake up in the morning, I see her within a few minutes of waking up. When I come home during the day, she's no where to be found. But as the evening approaches, she comes out of hiding and lounges on the couch. Even funnier is her dainty way of sitting. She crosses her front paws, the top one folded over, as a person would do who's sitting in a conference or something.

Anyway, she's starting to pick up a few of Mia's rituals... for instance when I come home Mia is there by the door, waiting to greet me. And at night she actually sleeps on the door mat next to the front door and waits for me to come home. (A big reason why I feel tremendous guilt when I come home really late...) So when I came home last night at 1:00 a.m., Mia came tearing down the stairs, squinting her eyes and yawning. She must have given it up and went to bed. She was sooo clingy and affectionate. As I was holding her, I saw little Cora on the stairs. She was waving her tail, but wouldn't come close. She also came down when I got home later this afternoon.

But here's the best part... not only did she let me pet her today, she actually crawled into my lap!!! I did the same thing as yesterday... I got down by the couch so I was eye level with her. Then I very slowly reached out, let her smell my hand and then slowly began to caress her head.

When the purring began, she started nuzzling my hand. But then she did something else... she started burrowing her face in my hand. Then she crawled into my lap and burrowed her face into my arm, followed by moving up and burrowing her face in my neck. She seems to like to be in the dark, which piques my curiosity about what kind of "Ferrel Kitty" lifestyle she lived during her days residing in the Pizzaria Uno dumpster with her family...

Anyway, she was just darling. Today she let me carry her upstairs, but, of course, while digging the nails into my arms. (ow, but worth it) At least she didn't run all over me... As soon as we got to my room, I placed her on the bed and tried petting her and Mia. But she seemed weirded out by the open space, so within a couple minutes she leaped off the bed and sat on the floor pillow in a corner.

I also got some ADORABLE pictures of Cora and Mia... I will put those up as soon as G returns. ^.^

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