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Way too cute...

I now have some lovely new war wounds... I clipped Mia's nails for the first time in eons because she was ruining my Dri-Fit shirts that I wear to work. Eep! She didn't want to sit still at all! But, a few bloody "racing stripes" up my arms later, Mia is "talon-free!"

So, now she's sprawled out on my desk and clearly was having as much fun watching me type as one would if they were watching paint dry. :) How do I know? Because she had herself up against my arm that was controlling the mouse. Next thing I knew, her head tipped forward, nose resting on my hand, the way I used to droop during boring classes in college.

Tomorrow night after I get out of HW I'm going to spend the night with Monica at the hotel she's staying in. I'm so excited, let me tell you! All I want is for her to give me a great big hug and the chance to see her beautiful smile in person.


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