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I am woman, hear me roar...

Hee hee hee!

Today I trained KrisK, but we ended up turning it into a partner lifting session... I have a feeling I'll be sore tomorrow, but the important thing is that I lifted today...

Oh, and, *ahem*, kicked Kris's butt and out did her on how much weight I could lift in just about every category... >:) (Kris is going to kill me when she sees this...) My favorite was the 200 lb upright rows... wheee!

Anyway, I'm BACK! I will kick off my return to cardio with a 6:00 a.m. Sunrise Spin class tomorrow as well.


Now my eating is another category altogether...

But my hope is to convince KrisK to move in with me for 3 months... then we will roll sushi (or at least try), make protein shakes, take the kitties for walks, go to the gym, and play endless games of Dreamcast...

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