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White Men Can't Jump...

...but my cats sure can!

I also suspect I started Mia on a habit that I'm sure will bug me after a while. In the entire time she's lived with me, she never jumped up onto the kitchen counters. My bedroom dressers, office desk, bathroom sink, window sills, yes. But never the kitchen counters.

Cora, the little thing that she is, made her first jump up onto the kitchen counters the day before yesterday. Took me by total surprise. But after that, I haven't seen her do it again. I have a feeling it wasn't interesting enough.

Mia was right there when Cora made the leap. Even then she didn't attempt it. When I'd go to the kitchen and say, "Do you want some num-nums?!?!?!" She'd look up, eyes widen, and respond with a high pitched "mew!" But she never tried to jump up onto the counter top.

Today I asked her if she wanted num-nums and then after she mewed, I picked her up and put her on the counter next to me. She was elated! Apparently, to her, watching me scoop wet cat food was as exciting as watching me flush the toilet. (which is a fascinating event to both cats. They literally shove each other to get the best view) Who knew??

But after that she's been leaping onto the counter everytime she enters the kitchen. I have a feeling that before she simply didn't think she was allowed. The good thing is that when I say, "Mia, come down..." she immediately leaps down.

Same with everything actually. If she's into something I don't want her into, all I have to do is say, "Hey! Mia! No...!" And I don't even yell. I just lower the pitch of my voice.

Let's hope my future children are this responsive...! ^.^

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