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We all live in a yellow S U V ! Yellow S U V ! Yellow S U V !!!!

So... Christmas this year gets a mixed review...

Christmas Eve started out on an "okay" note... didn't have much to do... snuggled with the cats, cleaned, etc. Then I ventured outside to run some errands and get some last minute gifts. As I walked toward my car I stopped dead in my tracks.

That vehicle covered in red, white, green, and black (some of the colors even mixed) splotches could not be my beloved seXterra!!!

But it was.

Birds, apparently either offended by the taste of the leftover rotten berries from the tree out front or the yellow color of my SUV, waged some kind of war on my car and driveway at some point during the morning. The whole car was covered in multi-colored bird sh*t!

I have NEVER seen anything like it. It was so nasty.

Due to lack of time (and funds), I couldn't even go wash the darn thing. So, humiliated, I drove all over town. And I did not miss the looks people gave me as I parked or returned to my car at various locations. Go ahead and laugh, I thought. Maybe I LIKE my car to look like it was in the midst of a paintball war! (which I had clearly lost)


Anyway, as the evening crept in, I felt better. You couldn't see the car's blemishes as much in the dark, so cheerfully I set out to pick up KrisK so we could see Lord of the Rings!

And, even better: we confirmed that she's going to move in with me come January 1st! Wheee!!!! This means I'll be living with one of my bestest friends, one of the only people who knows me in-and-out and who I know I'll be able to have a peaceful living situation with.

There are only 3 people I can live with: a significant other, myself, and KrisK. Kris is literally my "other half." Or, as Eddie from Absolutely Fabulous would say, we're like "Yin and Yong, Ping and Pong..."

So it looks like some degree of financial sanity will enter my life. Thank GOD!

Anyway, after we saw Lord of the Rings, we went on the "Quest for Sushi," in which we drove all over for about 45 minutes, looking for an open *anything*.

But, alas, our search was fruitless (er, sushiless), since it was Christmas Eve and everything was closed. So we wound up at my place where we made baked french fries, MorningStar Farms meatless Corn Dogs and Buffalo Wings, all consumed while engaging in a vicious Mortal Kombat Gold battle.

Finally we went to sleep... Kris, Mia, Cora and me.

One little happy family. And I'm glad Kris will be a residing member of the family very soon... : )

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