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Journal Withdrawl...

Wow, two whole days without writing in this thing. Crazy. And so much has happend in that short period of time!

In the words of Maria from The Sound of Music: "Let's start at the very begin-iiiiing..."

Friday... another morning filled with a kick-ass workout of biking and strength training followed by an afternoon spent with Kris. And true to our friendship's dynamic, it went quite differently than planned.

We drove out to Walden Pond to see Thoreau's site for ourselves. Kris is reading his book and I have to say, I don't think I'd be able to sit and read that thing without falling asleep. However, Kris is absolutely brilliant and smart. She had broken down a lot of what he's written and made her own interpretations. So, rather than my sitting and reading the book myself, Kris reads me passages she feels are important and then explains why she finds them to be worth deconstructing.

So, we get to Walden Pond and I ask Kris if she'd like to find a map. She says "Nah, let's just walk and stay away from where everyone else is..."

We sure did! We walked through the woods, me getting attacked by mosquitos and Kris insisting that Thoreau's house is around there somewhere. After a while we see a clearing and emerge from the forest. When we step out, I look up. There was a house all right. In fact, there were several.

I pointed at one to Kris and said, "Is that Thoreau's place...?"

She looks up, basically tells me to shut up and stomps back into the woods. We had somehow managed to find a trailer park. Hee hee.

We trekked back through the woods, taking different trails that looked inspiring. After about 20 minutes we ended up right back where started: in front of my car.

Hot, bitten, and tired, I insisted we go to the gift shop to get a map. Upon entering the gift shop I wanted to faint... it was nice and air conditioned!

So we got a map, plotted our course, decided it was too hot, and set the return date for next week. On the way back to the car we did find Thoreau's house and took some silly pictures of each other inside of it. : ) I'll try to put them up once I get 'em developed.

After that interesting excursion, we drove back to my town and had ice cream. Can we say, " Y U M ?!?!?!?"

When we were done I drove Kris back home and then went and picked up *her* from work. I was supposed to train her, but she's had a sinus infection, so we decided to skip it. But I insisted on driving her home because it was about 88 degrees and when you're that sick and you feel like your head's gonna fall off, walking around outside and then taking a crowded bus isn't very much fun.

So I snatched her up, drove her to her apartment which was about 15 degrees hotter than it was outside, and helped her bring her air conditioner up from the basement.

Her housemate was also sick, so I helped her install her AC, too. By the time I was done with all of it, I looked like I just came from a Spin class. I was bright red and sweaty. VERY attractive, I'm sure. Oh well.

We laid down to take a nap because she had bought us tickets to see a play downtown that evening. It wasn't starting till much later, so we didn't want to fall asleep during the show. (Her being sick, me just plain tired) I took allergy medicine to head off any cat reactions and we stretched out on the bed.

We never got to nap. Instead we just talked and talked while snuggling together. The time flew and next thing we knew it was time to get ready. She looked so adorable! She wore a cute little dress and I wore capri pants and a sleeveless white button down. I even did my hair up in those little silver clips. (Ja, I be soooo chic...! <--- insert very bad french accent here)

By this time the allergy meds had kicked in and I thought I was in danger of falling asleep at any given moment. Ugh. I was so out of it.

Her housemate's sister drove the three of us downtown where we met up with 5 of their friends. I love *her* friends, they're the nicest, most down-to-earth people. And the thing that strikes me is how friendly and welcoming they are. A lot of times I've gone on dates with people and when it came to being out with their friends, the friends ended up acting weird. Like I was some kind of intruder to their clique or something. I mostly ever experienced this with lesbians, never guys. I guess it's just the catty nature of some women in general.

Anyway, the play was cute and then afterwards we went out to get some food. (About halfway through the production I woke up more, the meds had worn off) But it ended up only being me, *her,* the housemate, and the housemate's girlfriend. Everyone else was way too tired.

We finally got back to *her* place at about 1:30 a.m. I had to be up at 7:45 to drive to NY for Father's Day. I had to work this morning, so I was only going to have lunch and hang out for the day.

*She* and I stayed up a while, then finally went went to sleep...

(I'm going to continue this as a new entry for the next day. This is getting waaaay too long...)

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