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Sharing fun stories...

An AOL IM conversation between myself and the lovely eeyrg:

EeyrG: christian's got clippers... ;-)
LizzyErky: I do waxing in the summer.
EeyrG: waxing doesn't itch
LizzyErky: Well, I bought a beard trimmer.
LizzyErky: Didn't I tell you this story?
EeyrG: oh damn is that funny
LizzyErky: About the poor girl in the hardware store?
EeyrG: ?
LizzyErky: I went to Economy Hardware on Mass. Ave. about a year ago.
LizzyErky: They keep the beard trimmers in a locked glass case with all the power tools.
EeyrG: !! ROFL !!
LizzyErky: You need a little beard trimmer as oppposed to hair clippers because "downstairs" is much smaller.
LizzyErky: So I went up to the sales girl and said
EeyrG: "hi! i need to shave my beard!"
LizzyErky: "Can you please unlock that case so I can get out a beard trimmer?"
LizzyErky: So she said jokingly, "What? Are you growing a beard?"
LizzyErky: And I said, "Not on my face."
LizzyErky: And she went silent and turned red.
EeyrG: heeheee
LizzyErky: She didn't say a word as she handed it to me. I smiled and thanked her.
LizzyErky: :-)

The End.
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