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Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi...

Well, maybe more like "Voulez-Vous Manger avec moi..."

Yeah, so yesterday I was actually social for the first time in quite a while. I attended a VERY lovely brunch at Madmoiselle G and Monsieur crystain's maison. And while I was there (in my very best Miss Molly from Romper Room voice) I saw loxocele and ayun and cris and dirtyknees and frederic and silas7 and popkultur! **waves hello**

And, boys and girls, we saw a very special ferret and frogs and 2 geckos! Can you say "Gecko?"

Also, we saw loxocele had a boo-boo and was on crutches. Can you say "gimpy," boys and girls? That's right! "Gecko" and "Gimpy" both start with "G!"

Okay, okay, I'll stop...

Anyway, it was a very yummy and fun time... however, I have a feeling ayun shared in my disappointment that we did not witness any homo-erotic banter... ; )

After brunching, I had to run to downtown HW and train a client, but returned for the tail-end of Rushmore and then got to see Moulin Rouge for the first time. I loved it!!

It felt great to rejoin the ranks of the living and see people I hadn't seen in quite sometime. I even met a few new people, too. : ) more than likely I'll be seeing most of the above mentioned peeps for tonight's New Year's Eve celebrations.

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