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Saturday on the go! go! go!

I woke up almost exactly the way I had the previous weekend: *her* snuggled against me and Lulu the cat marching around on my stomach. And, yet again, another freakish miracle: NO ALLERGY ATTACK! Just the very slight chest tightening, same as last week.

The alarm had gone off at 7:45, but I didn't want to get up. So I figured, "well, I have an appointment (more on that for another post) at 1:00. If I leave by 9:00, I can make it home with plenty of time to spare..."

So I lazily rubbed Lulu with one hand while she purred and played with *her* hair and trailed my fingers up and down her back and neck with the other. I though *she* was going to start purring, too, hee hee.

Soon 30 min. turned into an hour because *she* woke up more and we started talking and what not. Then an hour became an hour and 40 min. So the wheels in my head started turning: "Okay, the appointment's at 1:00. If I leave here by 10:00 and just go straight to the appointment, I'll be fine..."

Finally I forced myself out of the bed and got ready to go. As I pulled my shirt off in front of the bathroom mirror, I noticed my stomach was full of little pink marks. At first I started to freak, I thought they were little bug bites. But then I remembered, Lulu had been walking around on my midsection. I had no idea her little claws were that sharp!

After showering I started gathering up my things. I looked at my watch: okay. 9:50, I can make this work!

*She* offered me breakfast, but I didn't have time. Plus I wasn't quite hungry yet. I continued getting my stuff together and then finally was set to go. She walked me to the door and handed me a little bag. I was like, "What's this?"

I opened it up. Aw! How cute! She packed me a little snack pack. It had an apple, yogurt, graham crackers and a bottle of water. So sweet! : )

We kissed good-bye and I was OFF!

Now, according to my parents, I should have been pulling into the driveway at about 11:15. It was then 10:00 a.m. It takes 3 hours to get to my parents.' I started driving toward the Mass. Pike and called my Dad. I very casually said, 'Hi, Dad. I'm running a little behind. I think it'll be easier if I just go to the apointment straight from the road."

So he told me how and then asked me where I was. I cringed as I said, "I'm just getting on the Pike..."

*SQUAWK! SQUAWK!" I held the phone away from my ear as he started yelling. It got quiet so I returned the phone to my ear.

"Dad--," I began saying, but was cut off by more, "SQUAWK! SQUAWK!"

So I interruped and said quickly, "Dad, I'll be there with no problem. Bye!" And hung up before he could say anything else.

Now, being laid off and all, I've been driving like a grandma. My car eats gas as it is, plus I can't afford a speeding ticket or the backlash of an insurance hike either. But today I let 'er rip and tore to NY at an average speed of 85 mph.

Halfway there I smelled this funky burning smell. Then I started seeing all this black stuff flying around.

"THUMP!" A huge chuck of black rubber hit my windshield. Diagnally and in front of me to the right a car pulling a trailer had gotten a flat. But the tire was shredding something awful. There was debris going everywhere.

I looked in my rearview mirror and started laughing. Okay, so I guess it probably wasn't funny to the people who experienced this, but looking at the car behind me all I could see was flailing arms. It was a convertible and the tire pieces were landing in the car. The passenger was a woman with a LOT of curly hair. I hope she has a strong brush...

Anyway, I continued on my merry way. I hit the detour that would lead me to the appointment, Rt. 684. I had about 45 min. until I had to arrive. Having forgotten to ask my Dad how long it would take once I got on 684, I decided to go even faster. There were barely any cars around, so I set my cruise control to 90 mph.

About 15 min. into my practically airborne drive, I wooshed by a State Trooper hiding in the bushes!!! ACK! NO! Shit! Shit! Shit!

I immediately decelerated the car, but I figured it was too late. I drifted into the far right lane. As I did I saw a sign that indicated I had 1 mile until my exit that my appointment was located at. I looked at the clock in the dashboard. I had 25 min. until I needed to arrive.

I glanced in my rearview mirror, expecting to see a disco on wheels of flashing red and blue lights bearing down on me. But there was nothing there. My heart started pounding. Half a mile till the exit, my heart practically beating out of my chest. I kept looking in the rearview. Nothing.

I exited. Still nothing behind me. I began looking for the street that I needed while saying a million thank-you's to God and anyone else who was watching over me. I couldn't believe I didn't get pulled over. I was 35 mph over the speed limit. I knew they took you in for that because it's considered a felony.

Okay. I'm driving. And driving. And driving. I do not see the street. The town was long behind me. WTF??

I pulled over and called my Dad's cell. Oops. Apparently the place was the first LEFT off the highway. I was looking right.

I looked at my watch as I said a silent prayer and pulled a U-turn in the middle of the road, tires squealing. 6 minutes to get there.

By 1:04 I pulled in and ran upstairs. HA!

To be continued... (I have to get to HW for my shift)

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