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I made it!!!!

I laughed, I cried, I stumbled, I danced... and each of those brought me step by step through and to the end of 2001. I survived!!! Hmph--- "I lived through 2001 and all I got were these lousy life lessons."

Or, "I lived through 2001 and all I got were these furry children known as 'cats.'"

Or maybe, "I lived through 2001 and all I got was 2002."

Well, however I phrase it, (and I doubt I'll be leaving Personal Training for the T-shirt or bumper sticker business, although I know you all were just breathless with awe over my "I lived..." sayings above...) I am now sitting here with a clean slate. 2001 was a very long year. Let's review, shall we?

I decided to take each month and state the "best" and the "worst." And where I could, I put a corresponding link to an LJ entry.


The BEST: Sledding on the endless hills of the golf course down the road.
The WORST: Discovering how much I LOATHED my job as the Director of Marketing and PR for a software company.


The BEST: Making the decision to learn to become a Personal Trainer after being truly inspired by my own trainer.
The WORST: Getting laid off from said hated job.

MARCH 2001:

The BEST: Starting my Live Journal.
The WORST: Job hunting.

APRIL 2001

The BEST: The arrival of my new KHS Flite 800 road bike.
The WORST: Still hunting for a job.

MAY 2001

The BEST: G hooking me up with freelance work at her company.
The WORST: Having my LiveJournal get discovered by my psychotic ex.

JUNE 2001

The BEST: Getting together with my exgirlfriend's exboyfriend.
The WORST: Meeting someone who has the potential to be "the one," but knowing it's impossible because we're at very different places in our lives.

JULY 2001

The BEST: Meeting Monica.
The WORST: Having to deal with f*cked up people at a supposedly healing event.


The BEST: The arrival of baby Mia!!
The WORST: Hurting someone.


The BEST: Monica's visit.
The WORST: The discovery that my psycho ex was suing me over a mattress.


The BEST: (but leads to next month's WORST) Meeting Tara.
The WORST: Monica fading away.


The BEST: Getting to know Tara's Mom.
The WORST: Experiencing the most incredible heartbreak in my entire life.


The BEST: The arrival of Mia's little sister Cora!

The WORST: Monica and her ex.

And now here I am... after a rollercoaster year, I'm optimistic that 2002 will be better... I've learned a lot during 2001... my hope is that those life lessons that came about can make for a happier new year.


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