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The morning after...

Ahhh-- a fun New Year's Eve was had! I went to a party called "Speakeasy." I did not, however, dress up in 1920's attire because I didn't find out about the gathering until the night before. So I just looked nice instead. : )

It was great ringing in 2002 with so many people that have been a constant source of support and friendship both on LJ and in real life. And to make matters more interesting, I had the pleasant surprise of discovering that a certain amazing boy was in attendance.

Very very cute boy. Very very good kisser. That's all I will say on that subject.

Today is the first day of 2002, the first day I have a roommate in over a year, the first day I woke up on New Year's day without having the flu in about 3 years, the first day of a new beginning where I am **feeling good**!

Heh, oh and the first New Year's Day I woke up seeing

sitting on my chest!! I never in my life ever thought I'd be able to pet a cat, no less live with 2 of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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