Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

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Yo, when yo cah be covahd in bird sheeet...

...awll ya'll need ta do is give it a "wintah ghetto washin'!"

That's right! On a VERY tight budget? Don't even have enough to pay your bills on time?
Then how do you get a bird-crap covered car to go from yellow, gray, red, green, and some other splatters of colors that aren't even identifiable to bright, shiny, and lookin' like it's new you ask?

Well, all you do is fill bucket after bucket of hot water and hurl it at your car from atop your front porch, run down to it with "workplace" paper towels and wipe it down. Then to give it that extra-nice touch, use Windex on the windows and VOILA!!! Beauteous car once more!

Eep. I couldn't take it anymore... the stares and looks. I had to even park far from HW so no one would see it. One of my clients caught sight of it the other day and laughed her ass off. (Well, more like laughed her abs off, since laughing uses the abdominals...)

So, put your sunglasses on, folks... the seXterra is bright, yellow, and CLEAN and rolling through the hood... (ha)

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