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It's official...

I am the proud newest employee of the BSC! I went in, signed all the papers, got my picture taken, got my uniform tops (one fitted gray t-shirt that says "BSC" on the front, "Fitness Trainer" on the back and one fitted black one says "BSC" on the front, "Personal Trainer" on the back.

Over the next 2 months I'll be attending several orientations, three 9 hour courses, and take several tests. I am so excited!!!

It's also a new set of clubs I get to work out at. There are a ton of BSC's around the Boston and Greater Boston area, so I get to try out all sorts of new things. And since they're owned by one parent company, which is TSI, I get to workout at the New York, Philadelphia, and I-forget-the-last-city locations. So I get to go to BSC, NYSC, and PSC. Wheeee!!

I hope I like my new job. I will be working on Tuesdays and Sundays, my first day being next week on Tuesday.

**fingers crossed**

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