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Oh, Henry!

So, thanks to the most incredible Christmas gift from G, Mia's going to see a vet today!! I'm so excited! Especially because I don't think it could have been more timlier. Mia's suddenly been sneezing a lot lately and scratching at her ears. (Which has led to Cora doing the same)

So, if she's got a "kitty kold" and/ or ear mites, it'll be taken care of. I'm glad, I don't like her being sick. Plus we're going to host a foster kitty for a couple months, too. So it'll be nice to have Mia and Cora in a clean bill of health.

No, it's not Sarah, she actually was adopted almost immediately following the ad.

However, there's another adorable 7 month old male kitten who's having a tough time. He's EXTREMELY shy, especially with humans. He's curious, but won't get within 5 feet of the adoption agency lady. With so many cats around, she doesn't have the chance to give him the nurturing attention he needs. It's too overwhelming for the kitten with so many other cats running around.

I told the woman I'd be happy to help, but that I absolutely can't keep him. My house is too full and I'm not in a financial place to do it. I went out to the agency the other night to meet him, but not take him until after Mia and Cora have seen the vet. Since the kitten has a clean bill of health, it'd be best not to put him in the potential position of catching anything.

So, I went with Kris to meet the little guy. All I can say is, "AWWWWWW!!!!" Hiding away in the corner of a crate was this little gray blur of fluff!

The woman who runs the shelter has been calling him "Smokey." Blah, what a horrible name for a cat! I took one look at his little sweet, timid face and though, "Oh, Henry!"

So, either tomorrow or Saturday we'll be welcoming little Henry into our home for some social rehabilitation and love. I know that he'll do great with Mia's outgoing, fun, and sweet personality, not to mention Cora's more timid, yet equally loving and mischievious little self!

Henry will have the opportunity to interract with two kitties who will play with him and also give him the chance to see that some humans are, in fact, loving and can be fun to be around.

The reason I agreed to help is because many older cats who are shy have an even harder time getting a home. Most people want a pet who'll play and be an active part of the family, not hide and hiss. So I figure if Henry can learn how to trust and be a little more social, he'll have a better opportunity of going to a family and not have to live out his life at the smelly shelter.

On that note, I need to get dressed. But infinite "thanks" to G (and "thanks" isn't even enough) for giving Mia such an incredible gift. It means a great deal to me...

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