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By the way...

If anyone has room in their home for probably one of the most sweetest and adorable cats I have ever met, you should consider this guy.

While I was being introduced to Henry, I got to meet Black Beauty and Smudge. These cats were hysterical! Smudge was definitely more "up my alley" in terms of personality and behavior. I crouched next to him, put my hand on top of his head and said, "Smmmmmmudge!" and when I finished out the drawn out "mmmmm," I'd run my hand over his face on "udge." He loved it, waving his tail and looking up at me.

However, Black Beauty was definitely more endearing of the two. He was very gentle, would get on his hind legs for a treat, and purr contentedly when petted. Just too precious!! I hope he finds a good home, he definitely would be a great loving companion.

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