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"Dear Henry! Dear Henry!"

Remember that old skit with the old lady and old man puppets on Sesame Street where they were trying to use a bucket? "There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza! Dear Liza! There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, a hole!... So fix it dear Henry! Dear Henry! Dear Henry! So fix it, dear Henry, so fix it, the hole..."

Well, last night I brought home Mia and Cora's Foster Brother, 7 month-old Henry. He's a big cloud of gray fluff, a little bigger than Mia with an even bushier tail. And *extremely* cute.

As I'd said in a previous entry, the point of him coming to my house is for "social rehabilitation." The poor thing is a ferral kitty and has been terrified of humans since he was found. He's so cute, but so shy. Each time a prospective new owner came to call, they'd say, "I love him! Look how cute..." But then decide against him because he wouldn't come out of hiding or be even a little friendly. Most people want an instant part of the family.

The shelter lady doesn't have the time to give him the special attention he needs. So I thought that my house would be ideal b/c Mia's so damn sweet and loving, she's bound to bring him out of his shell, as she did with Cora. And little Cora will follow what her big sis does, so the three of them will have a grand old time once Henry warms up.

When I brought Henry home last night, I set the new carrier I had bought that night at Petco in the living room and just opened the door. Mia LOVES new little enclosures she can hide herself in, so she made a beeline for the carrier. As soon as she got to the entrance, she stopped short when she realized there was a kitten inside.

She slowly stuck her head in the carrier and then her front paws. Henry just hid in the back. Cora, who always has to follow her big sister, stood behind Mia and peered around and looked inside.

Mia pretty much responded the same way to Henry as she did to Cora: she gently petted Henry on the head and left him alone. Cora glanced at Henry every so often, but didn't bother him, while Mia would stick her head in now and again. There was no hissing involved at all.

This morning I discovered Henry was hiding under the stove, just like most any other cat that was new to my house had done. (Lulu, Francis, Cora) His hiding spot was a giveaway because he's so fluffy, which caused his fur to stick out from underneathe the stove.

The whole time I was fixing their breakfast, I kept singing that "Dear Liza" song, but replaced "Liza" with "Mia." it was funny... Mia would nibble at her breakfast, then go to the stove and pat Henry's tail. (Cora stood by my feet the whole time, staring up at me.)

So, dear readers, if any of you are in the market for an already-neutered, sweet fluffy gray kitty, let me know! He''ll be ready for a loving home within a couple months. ^_^

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