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On the mobile...

Henry is starting to emerge from hiding in spurts. He now plays with Mia and Cora when I'm far away. I can usually hear them, or I'll tip-toe along and spy... it's funny... he doesn't back up when Mia goes near, but he jumps and growls at Cora more often than not. This is because she typically sneaks up on him. So very "Cora." :)

If Henry's out of hiding and I surprise him in a room, he doesn't immediately run anymore. He now stands very still and watches me. If I get within more than 5 feet, he'll trot off and hide.

I finally caught full-body sight of him in the living room. Not only does he have Mia beat by size and fluff, he's definitely on the plump side as well. I guess all that hiding doesn't allow him much exercise.

Well, lucky for him as he gets more comfortable with his surroundings, he won't need a diet. He'll be forced to partake in regular wrestling matches, runs up and down the stairs, and pick-up soccer games. Mia and Cora are anything but sedentary.

It's enough to make a Personal Trainer mommy proud!!

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