Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

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"Dear Henry..."

Dear Henry,

I'm so glad that you've finally emerged from hiding! Granted, you still won't let me come within 5 feet of you, but that's okay! It pleases me greatly how well you and Mia get along. In fact, I can hear you two playing soccer right now. Your high-pitched squeals coupled with her chirpping makes a beautiful sound.

I'm sorry you still feel the need to growl at Cora. She's harmless, really, and just wants to play.

Nevertheless, it is my honor to say, "Welcome to the family!" Stay as long as you like and let me know if there's any particular treats you want. I've noticed that you do seem to enjoy Pounce...

With love from your Foster Mommy,

P.S.- I have one simple request: please stop shitting in the fireplace. It is getting old.
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