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The youth I never quite had...

Over the years I'd talk with friends about things we did for fun when we were younger. One of the big ones was sleepover parties. I would often be wistful of my friends as they'd speak of late nights spent giggling, baking, gossiping, playing "Truth or Dare," et al.

I never really had this. After we moved to the 'burbs of NY when I was 10, I was never really allowed to do anything. (long story of strict parenting I don't care to get into right now) So when some friends of mine and I would have silly sleepovers this past summer, I really felt I was recapturing some things I missed out on.

But one thing I never thought about was what if I had the freedom to come and go as a teenager AND knew I was gay AND had friends that were gay as well? I learned last night that this little equation = pure and absolute F U N !!

Cora (the human, not the cat, haha!) was in Boston last night with 3 friends. They were staying at the Hilton and invited me to hang out. So, of course, I did the obligatory "I am 25, you are all 18, let me shop for some 'bevies' and come over..."

What a great time! Cora's friends were all awesome! As we sat there eating pizza, watching a ****horrible**** movie (ahem), and just all around chillin' out, I was washed over by a brief wave of sadness. I HATED my high school experience. I mean absolutely :::loathed::: 95% of it. So prior to last night, I had no idea times like that existed for that stage of life.

But I have no regrets on my life. Afterall, I am who I am because of everything I've experienced (or didn't experience) throughout my years. But last night I really felt like I was spun back to a time that I should have had. I know you can't recapture "lost days." But damn, you sure can get a taste of 'em!

I love you, Cor!! ^_^

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