Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

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>>Insert Bart Simpson-esque "Whhhhaaaa!!" here<<

I almost fell over at HW suburbia today... I thought I'd seen it all when I posted the "Special Needs" profiles the other day.

But apparently I hadn't.

I decided that it's necessary to officially name the special needs people. So that means that the "Fan Lady" is now "Windy" and the "Stockings and Bra Lady" is now "Drafty."

So, what happens when you cross-breed a Windy with a Drafty? You get a Windsock. And Windsock was here in the flesh... donning only black pantyhose, a big T-shirt with no bra (which I guesss is a step up from the old underwireless Maidenform), fan strapped to her treadmill, and a big grin.

The horror is almost too much to bear...
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