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Kitten? Kitten??

I had to laugh at this one... yesterday I was entering HW to train Anne when this blond woman came up to me. "Kitten?" she asked, squinting her eyes.

"Wha-what?" I asked, totally caught off guard.

"Kitten!" she repeated with certainty.

"Uh, no. My name is Liz." I slowly backed away.

"No-no," she shook her head. "Didn't you adopt a kitten this summer?"

"Ohhh...!" I finally recognized her. She was one of the people who found Mia's litter.

Still, I think she could have approached me in a more normal manner... perhaps, "Excuse me, didn't you adopt a cat this summer...?"

I showed her pictures of Mia on my LJ and Anne walked up to us. "Anne, this is one of the people who found Mia and her litter..."

"Oh! Hi, nice to meet you!" she smiled. "Isn't Mia gorgeous? Are all the rest of the kittens Maine Coons, do you know?"

"Oh, the rest were all dead when they found them," she said.

"What?!?" Both Anne and I answered.

"But the lady who I picked her up from told me that the other 4 all found homes...?"

"No, they were all found dead under a bush. They had been abandoned by their mother. I think maybe one of them lived for a little bit, but died later. The one you have was also barely alive. They fed her out of an eye dropper the first couple of weeks."

I nearly fell over! My little Mia was an "Oprah Winfrey cat!" The poor thing! I wanted to cry... all of her little brothers and sisters didn't make it!

But then why would the woman have told me the others found homes?? That's so weird. At any rate, when I got home last night I hugged Mia a little tighter. She's my baby, I'm glad she was tough enough to survive and get to come live with me. : )

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