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This week in training...

Sometime I find myself getting discouraged when I think about the monetary element to the career path I've chosen. I still have a while yet before I can see numbers like I did in PR. I know eventually I will get there, but in the interim it's hard.

I thoroughly love what I do, but financial survival's a very important piece of the the pie. I know I'll get there, especially because I'm confident in my skillset. If I ever wanted reassurance in that, I certainly got it yesterday and today.

Yesterday I trained the woman who I'm trading acupuncture for PT with. We did her measurements because it's been 2 months since we'd began working together. Turns out she's lost 2.5% body fat and taken 3 inches of her waist, one off her hips. She's THRILLED to say the least.

This morning I received a voice mail from another of my clients I've been seeing since last June. "Hi, Liz, this is M. You know when people buy clothes and say, 'someday I'll fit this?' Well, last year I bought a sweater I thought I'd get into someday, if only I'd lose weight. Well, someday is here. I can't believe it! It just looks and feels incredible. I just want to thank you. I'm looking forward to our next appointment..."

I love my job. ^_^

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