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Your Horoscope
February 07, 2002

Daily Overview
Mix and match. Try one in every flavor. You have an appetite for variety and a disdain for boundaries. Someone might slap your hand for overreaching, but you barely feel the sting. The universe is still expanding.


How true it is... but I think I've taken on a bit of the "shy" these days... I've had my eye on someone for months and can't get past simply smiling and waving hello. Urrr...

Of course, yesterday's horoscope proved to be most amusing:

Your Horoscope
February 06, 2002

Daily Extended
Ensure your success by limiting your shots to the easiest targets. Your thoughts about attractive people make conversation with them extremely difficult. You may want to consider why you have this attitude. After all, aren't you an attractive person yourself? Spend some time alone to ground yourself. You might even want to get away -- spend the afternoon in a more natural setting than the office. If the solitude is too much to bear, call on a friend to help you unburden.


Who the hell knows?

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