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HA! I was right!

The gym hottie DID take my advice! I saw her when I arrived from BSC to train my HW client. I went over and grinned at her, she took her headphones off and grabbed my arm, saying, "I didn't come last night! Are you proud of me?"

"Yes," I answered, "but I'm sick of your 'tired old lunges.'" And then I found myself saying, "So that's why I'm going to train you for one session on legs and abs for free..."

She was thrilled, but tried to insist I let her pay me. "No, no," I said. (We're going to train during one of my off-peak times. I truly can't afford to train people for free when I could take a client, even if she is a hottie. Of course, I did not tell her that)

So, I'm currently waiting on my client and sneaking peeks at "Russian Hottie." (Who's still doing tired old lunges as I type this)

She seems really sweet... so even if she turns out to be straight or taken (or both), I'll at least have the knowledge that I still have the most clever ways of talking to the people I'm interested in! And I'll have made a new friend...! ^_^

Heh-- now to shift my focus on Thursday's "Dyke Dating Game" at The Midway. Anyone have any suggestions on what kind of questions they might ask? I never watched the straight TV version... Help!!

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