Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Flying leap...

Ow. That was the only thought that ran through my head when I got out of bed this morning. Why? Well, let me back up a tad...

I had a great weekend. Saturday I didn't do very much except Personal Train Gineane, sleep and clean. Then I went out to a party that night where I suddenly felt like it was 1996 and I was at a college party on Hemmenway Street. (I went to Northeastern University and that was where a lot of upperclassmen lived) It was a house crammed with people and kegs.

Anyway, I met some cool people there, got a little sloshed and had a great time. But the most amazing part of all was when M. told me he "loves me very much." That sobered me up. He'd never said that to me before and I had no idea I meant that much to him.

So, into Sunday I was still reeling from that.

Sunday I helped Christian and Gineane do a little painting. Then Christian, M. and I went mountain biking at the Fells. We had a great time except I kept falling. I'm not used to my clipless pedals yet, so I had trouble getting in them and even more trouble when I suddenly would have to stop.

But the WORST was when I was trying to beat Christian up a hill. I suddenly hit a rather large rock, which sent my bike flipping up and over. I dove into the ground, Superman-style, and landed on my knees and shoulder. Ugh. My right knee was all swollen and cut up. My right shoulder, despite wearing two shirts, was scraped up as well. Ahhh... so graceful...

Anyway, that leads me to today. Ow. Stiff knee and shoulder.

Ironically at 8:00 a.m. I got woken up by the phone ringing. It was my friend Shawn, "Take 9:00 Spin with me..."

I was like, "No way."

Hopefully my body will loosen up a bit as the day progresses... ugh.

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