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Henry takes a bite out of...

So, it's been a while since I've written about my little furry children. Mia's still good ole' Mia. She really needs to be fixed, though. She's become quite the little whore. She practically rapes Henry and whenever I come home, I have to make sure I've closed the foyer door because the second I open the house door, she bolts. I know she's waiting for the day I screw up and leave the outer door open. Ha! No way.

Cora, on the other hand, has barely grown. I love her! I think she's going to remain a little cat. And boy is she needy in the attention department!! Whenever I'm at the computer, she gets up in my lap and head butts my hands until I pet her. And when I go to bed at night, she climbs in and sits right on my neck. Of course, I toss and turn because it's not the most comfortable position for me. Finally she'll go above my head and sit on my hair, burrowing into the top of my head. I then fall asleep to her purring.

The best, though, is how she ends up in the middle of the night. Usually by that time she's spread out like a little child, sometimes on her back right next to me. The other night I got up to use the bathroom and when I returned, she snuggled next to me, still on her back, but rested her paw on my shoulder. She's just precious.

Henry and Mia are like a little young married couple. They constantly walk side by side, right against each other. Plus they'll sit in the windows together, wrestle, play ball, and, um, the other stuff, too. But luckily it's Kris who's been witness to that, not me. Bleh.

Cora's definitely gotten jealous and does not care for Henry. All she and Henry do is fight and chase each other. The worst was when I got home from Washington DC. Little Cora was missing almost all of the fur on her left ear, along with bleeding bite marks, and scratches on her little nose and mouth. I even found one of her entire claws on the living room floor with blood on it.

Ew. Something definitely happened while I was away. But Cora wasn't limping, bleeding or crying, so I'm assuming she didn't rip into the quick of whatever part of her paw that claw came from.

Still, though. If this keeps up, Henry's out of here. I know Cora starts it, but she's very small and Henry's almost twice her size.

Anyway, the household is just plain nuts. But I admit I love it. The cats are just too cute. I'll have to put up new pics relatively soon... ^_^

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