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We love it!

These are the horoscopes I like:

Your Horoscope
March 02, 2002

Daily Overview
You impress other people whether or not you try. The Libra Moon brings out your spectacular side. If you're in dating mode, work without a cutoff time, just in case things get interesting.

Considering I have a date with a hottie tonight... (no, not the Dating Game girl. Heh, actually it's not a girl either)

And this next one gets a "hmmmm" from me:

Your Horoscope
March 02, 2002

Daily Romantic
You need to consider other points of view, other ways of doing things. If you continue with your tunnel vision, you're going to throw a very big monkey wrench into the machinery of romance. Free your mind, and watch the opportunities pour in.

I'd say going out with a guy this evening is considering "other points of view." And as far as I can see, my view of him is very nice... Especially from the rear... >:)

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