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"Have you seen a gray cat? He's kinda large and is afraid of people..."

Today I nearly puked up my heart. I called in sick to BSC because I wasn't feeling well and also haven't slept enough in the last few days. I decided to use the 12:00 to 5:00 time for sleeping and snuggling with my babies.

I turned up the heat a little too high and so I was out. Heat always does that to me and with the accumulation of very little sleep time, I was as good as comatose. Apparently this had the same affect on Mia and Cora because they were little knocked out lumps of fur beside me.

I was awoken at about 4:00 p.m. to hear my neighbor's voice, "Liz? Liz? Are you there? It's Lena."

"Yeah," I said, climbing out of my sleep-induced fog.

"Your door's standing wide open, I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

"Thanks, Lena," I said. She shut the door.

The doors here suck. If you don't push them shut hard enough, they will blow open when the outer foyer door is opened. Many times I close my neighbor's door when I get home because it's a duplex and we share the foyer door. But it rarely happens that mine's not latched because I always worry the cats will take off.

Apparently I wasn't careful enough today. It probably came open when the mail was delivered. But as soon as she said the door was open, I looked at Mia and Cora beside me and then dozed off again.

Later as I got ready for work, I prepared the cat's dinner. Mia and Cora both zoomed over to the dish for the wet num-nums, but Henry did not appear. After 10 minutes he still didn't arrive for dinner, I suddenly got hit with a wave of panic: HENRY MUST HAVE RAN OUT WHILE THE DOOR WAS OPEN!!

Running through the house I called out, "Henry! Henry!"

No Henry.

I checked all the usual hiding spots. No Henry.

I ran out to the foyer to knock on my neighbor's door. She didn't know of Henry's (or Cora's) existence, so I wanted to ask her if she saw a gray cat while entering the house. She said no, but had seen one by the school across the street going under the parked cars.


I decided to run over and see if he might still be there. As I poked around the bushes, parents watching their school-aged children play on the swings stared at me. I guess I looked funny in my shorts and Personal Trainer jacket crawling through the bushes.

So I decided to ask them if maybe they saw him. "Hi," I said as I approached. "Have any of you seen a big fluffy all-gray cat?"

"No," they said. "Would he maybe go and try to play with the kids?"

"No," I said. "He's very afraid of people, including me. He'd probably run. That's why I wanted to know if any of you maybe saw him run by."

They looked at me even more strangely, so I decided to leave. I guess it is an odd description. "My cat who's afraid of me..."


I decided I'd better drive around to fnd him. I went home to leash up Mia, thinking if he was hiding, but could see me, but me not him, he'd probably go to Mia. Or if maybe Mia saw him first, she'd lead me to him.

As I put Mia's leash on, I could tell she sensed my panicked vibe. I think that's when she noticed Henry's absence. Suddenly she began chirping the ways she does when she wants his attention.

"I know, Mi," I said. "Do you know where Henry is?"

She chirped again and headed for the stairs. "Brrrrrr-eow!"

Suddenly I heard a very muffled, "Brrrr-eee!" come from upstairs. Then a thump and a few seconds later Henry's face appeared at the top of the stairs.

"Henry!" I cried out.

I'm guessing the opposite thing happened. When the mailman opened the door, Henry probably ran away to hide in fear. And I'm thinking he really wedged himself in Kris's closet. He blends in well.

Oy. I wanted to strangle that cat. But I'm relieved that he's safe and sound just the same.

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