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A Rather "Jerry Springer" Sort of Situation...

Now *this* is classic... tonight after my HW shift I have to go clean my house, rather than collapse into bed. Why? Because my exgirlfriend's exboyfriend is coming to visit me. When I actually said that outloud to someone I couldn't stop laughing.

Tre's a pretty cool guy. I've never met him in person before, but we chat on AIM just about every other day and have spoken on the phone several times. We both agreed that if we lived closer together we'd probably fall madly in love. But oh well, no such luck. His friendship's good enough for me.

His band's playing in the area, so we thought it'd be the perfect chance to hang out. He's the cutest guy and has a great personality. We've ended up with one of those friendships where we can just talk for hours and hours about nothing and everything. Luckily I have no early a.m. committments because I have a feeling we're going to be up chatting all night.

Other than that, nothing too great going on. I'm bummed because I won't get to see *her* any night this week. She's got classes and I've got work.
: ( I'm hoping I can get her out for lunch at some point.

Anyway, here I rot at HW. Woo hoo.

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