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Playin' Hooky!

So, I got ripped off yesterday... worked from 8:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. while it was a gorgeous 64 degrees, still mildly sick. Duiring a training session with a downtown HW client, Gail, my "hot stuff" 53 year old client (used to be a Senior VP at M/ST until she was laid off) came walking across the Fitness Floor in a pair of jeans, black leather jacket and black boots, donning dark sunglasses in her hair.

"Hey, Liz!" she called out. "I saw your truck parked across the street and thought I'd stop in... wanna go riding tomorrow?"

I grinned at her. Gail's one of my favorite people, not to mention someone I truly admire and idolize. (don't tell her that) We both love rode biking. "Sure," I said. "I may get unexpectedly sick tomorrow and have to miss work..." (not HW)

So, as of late we've traded voice mail and I've spent all morning playing "maid." The entire downstairs was vacuumed, mopped, and scrubbed. Woo hoo! I feel accomplished!

I just completed the bathroom, too. Now here I sit in my sty-ought-to-be-condemned office, music pumping, and typing this. The windows are wide open with my little babies sitting in them behind the curtains, watching the scene outside.

Today's a great day to be alive.

I've recovered from being sick quite nicely. I still am slightly stuffy with a mild cough. But nothing like I was Friday.

Spring Fever's hitting harder... I'm going to need to start rounding peeps up to hit the night scene with me and go biking on weekends... who's in???? ^_^

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