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You WILL love me, dammit!

Henry is SO ferral, it's funny. I discovered that he's not really afraid of humans... he just wants nothing to do with them. Yesterday I was brushing my teeth while he sat on the window sill, Mia "scritch-scritched" in the litter box, and Cora watched me while stretched out on the bathroom rug.

After thinking a moment, I shut off the water and closed the bathroom door. Then I walked toward Henry and reached out. Sure enough, he freaked. Leaping off the window sill, he made a beeline for the bathroom door. In discovering that it was closed, he went and hid behind the toilet. That's when I moved in. I slowly put my hand out to pet him and he tried to back away. Since he appeared so frightened, I expected him to hiss, swipe, or try to bite me.

None of that occurred. Instead, he just sat there. I spoke to him in a soothing voice, while stroking his fur. He even raised his head so I could scratch under his neck. After 20 minutes I opened the bathroom door and he bolted. That cat! I think he isn't afraid... he just would rather not have anything to do with people.

But by hook or by crook, that cat's going to let me pet him voluntarily someday. And he'll love it. (dammit)

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